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Home owners

Are you the owner of a holiday villa or apartment at the Costa Blanca North?

Would you like to enjoy your property but also have the opportunity to let?
Do you want to realise an additional return in an easy way?
Choose then for the rental management of Oltarent!

Oltarent is a professional rental company at the Costa Blanca North for rental of holiday villas and apartments.

We provide various services in rental management at competitive rates.
From public relations of your home on our site and promotion trough other (international) websites to the complete rental management.

Our professionalism is to put your house on the rental market. Moreover we achieve for you, also in the spring and autumn, a better rental income.

Next to recruiting tenants we take care of the entire rental administration. We are also the first contact on site for your tenant.

You can make a choice from the following services:
1.    Rental Management
2.    Keyholder service
3.    Services, management and control


  • We design a professional presentation of your house on our website. We take pictures, write the texts en translate these in Dutch, English and German.
  • Information folder with specific information about your villa/apartment with instructions and information about the immediate vicinity.
  • Listing on our website: http://www.oltarent.com and arranging promotional activities for your holiday house on a number of other websites.
  • Managing all administrative settlements as a contract, collecting the rent and keeping the availability calendar up-to-date.
  • We welcome your tenants and are first contact for your guests during their stay.
  • We take care of small reparations and with larger problems we always contact the owner first.
  • Final inspection after departure of the tenants and the cleaning of your home. The costs for cleaning/bed and bath linen will be charged to the tenants.


  • Our customer-orientated team handles all matters carefully with your guests.
  • We welcome your guests and show them around in your house, we collect the security deposit and any costs for final cleaning and bed and bath linen.
  • We hand them the keys and are first contact during the stay of the guests.
  • We do the final check when the guests leave.
  • When you like we can take care of cleaning before the arrival of your next guests and make sure that  clean laundry is in the house.


  • Property inspection and control of the vacant property.
  • Visual inspection, inside and outside, for defects, leaks, accidents, etc.
  • Visual inspection for signs of damage caused by storms, lightning, vandalism, burglary.
  • Ventilating the whole house so that mold by condensation is avoided or reduced. Flushing toilets and water pipes to avoid odor nuisance.
  • Check water, electricity and heating.
  • Emptying the mailbox.
  • Checking the general state of the garden and place around the house.
  • General check to prevent burglary.
  • Defects will be solved directly (depending of the problem)  and you will be notified immediately.

If you have more (specific) questions please contact us by info@oltarent.com

You can also call us: +31 111 654512